Lighthouse Logistics

Providing the Right Directions

Road Transport

We organize full truckload freight (FTL) or less than load (LTL) type of transportation for our clients. LTL allows an effective coordinating of various cargoes in a single vehicle; it can also reduce transportation costs and increase the frequency of supplies. FTL on the other hand can save costs on larger shipments; all your freight being in the same transport means less chance of damaging goods and it is faster.

Multimodal Freight Transportation

Multimodal transport offers numerous benefits, but particularly the fact that the cargo requires no handling when changing modes of transport. This makes for a faster, safer logistics operation, not to mention savings on handling costs. It also provides savings on packaging while reducing energy consumption and emissions, meaning that it is also good for the environment.

Railway Transportation

Railway transportation is an optimal and inexpensive way to transport goods between countries. Effectively it allows shipping in almost unlimited volumes for a considerably low price and is reliable and fast way of getting your goods to the destination. We offer railway transportation to and from the port of Klaipeda as well as Latvia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia.

Container Transportation

Cargo transportation by sea is often the most efficient way to transport heavy, large, or non-standard cargo. Cooperation with international maritime companies provides Lighthouse Logistics with possibilities to transport cargoes by sea transport from terminal to terminal, or from door to door to/from all over the world. We offer shipping container clients the perfect transport solutions for bulk cargo and general cargo when it comes to cost and reliability.

Ship Chartering

We provide chartering services as for our regular partners (the shippers, buyers, traders) as well as for external customers. If you need to charter a vessel to deliver project, bulk, heavy cargo or to establish regular deliveries of similar goods, the choice of our company as a partner, who will settle all the questions on the organization of this time-consuming process – is the optimal management decision.

Ship Agency Services

The ship agent is an independent shipping agent whose role often goes unnoticed, but who is of tremendous importance in maritime logistics. Also known as a shipping agent, the ship agent is an intermediary who acts on behalf of the shipowner. At Lighthouse Logistics we offer shipping agency services in Klaipeda port, so that your ocean freight traffic will run smoothly and efficiently.

Warehouse Storage

The Port of Klaipeda has the most extensive offer of logistics services such as storage, packaging, testing, cleaning, cutting, weighing, sorting, processing, labelling and maturing. All types of freight are tailored to the local market needs for the customer at the port, thus avoiding unnecessary transport and operations and reducing costs. Experienced professionals provide the perfect services to ensure all goods are delivered to the end customer under the most favourable circumstances.

Customs Clearance

A professional team of customs brokers provides all the necessary services to customers, importers, exporters, as well as persons carrying out transport of goods throughout the European countries to the Customs Union and back. The range of our services is vast. We provide all related services to ensure that the process of customs clearance in Lithuania has been completed for you within an optimal time limit and with maximum efficiency.