Railway transportation

Rail transportation plays the important role in terms of cargo delivery to Russia, CIS and EU countries.

We transport all kinds of cargo by rail to guarantee a fast and trouble-free delivery. Our extensive network of associates helps us to reach any place in the world by rail.

We use rail transport for your shipment whenever it offers a more favourable cost and/or speed of service. At Lighthouse Logistics we always offer optimised logistics solutions and the railway is a great option for many kinds of freight, particularly when connected with other means of transport as part of a multimodal logistics service.

Our rail freight transport service includes placing containers or semi-trailers on board the train, combined with our expertise in handling freight for its rail transport, including dangerous goods.


Services provided:

  • Full cargo transportation by rail (EU, Baltic States, CIS, Central Asia);
  • Multimodal (and intermodal) transportation (import – export terminal and customs warehouses with railway siding, customs bonded warehouses, customs brokerage services);
  • Rail transportation of oversized and non-standard shipments; coordination of transportation with the railways; cargo wagons;
  • Cargo storage and preparation for further rail freight;
  • Formalization of documentation for those cargoes;
  • Cargo, transported to the Western Europe, reloading from wide to narrow railing universal vans (and vice versa);
  • Cargo reloading from trucks and sea containers to the wagons (and vice versa);
  • Clients representation at the Vilnius and Klaipėda railways stations;
  • Additional cargo insurance for safe rail shipping;
  • Wagonload and container traffic control;
  • Organization of military convoy;
  • Consultations about rail freight, cargo wagons, rail transport, etc.