Customs clearance

A professional team of customs brokers provides all the necessary services to customers, importers, exporters, as well as persons carrying out transport of goods throughout the European countries to the Customs Union and back.

The range of our services is vast. We provide all related services to ensure that the process of customs clearance in Lithuania has been completed for you within an optimal time limit and with maximum efficiency. This is what the market demands:

  • Customs clearance of all documents at the port of Klaipeda.
  • Customs clearance of import cargoes to Lithuania.
  • Customs clearance of export cargoes from Lithuania.
  • Customs clearance of re-export cargoes from Lithuania.
  • Re-clearance at the customs terminal and at customs warehouses.
  • Service of the sale of goods at the customs warehouse.
  • Assistance and advice concerning the solution of disputes with the customs authorities of Lithuania.
  • Obtaining permissive documents of certifying bodies, quarantine permits, conducting veterinary control.