Ship agency Services

The ship agent is an independent shipping agent whose role often goes unnoticed, but who is of tremendous importance in maritime logistics. Also known as a shipping agent, the ship agent is an intermediary who acts on behalf of the shipowner.

When a ship comes into port, it is taken under their wing by the ship agent, who conducts all of the procedures necessary to make the most of its time while moored in the port. Their diligent action translates into economic savings, since spending long periods idle in port can send the costs of the operation soaring sky high.

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Functions of the shipping agent
Given that they are responsible for the ship while berthed, the ship agent’s functions are manifold and varied. However, they can basically be summed up as follows:

Responsibility of the shipping agent in maritime transport

Commercial Duties: The ship agent provides shippers or forwarding agents with transport services and is responsible for facilitating transport for the ship.
Operational Duties: The enabling of all services related to their time in port for the ship or its crew. This includes all procedures required when arriving at and leaving its mooring, port or customs authority formalities, monitoring operations in the port and managing the right to enter and stay in the port. Here we refer not only to paperwork, but also to the supply of fuel and provisions, and to the hiring of personnel.
Freight management functions: The ship agent is responsible for filing the off-loading manifest with customs and for issuing the Delivery document, in order that the owner may withdraw the freight, as well as for hiring personnel to load, unload, stow and unstow the cargo.

The figure of the ship agent is essential given their great responsibility in completing a large part of the logistics process. Remember that the vast majority of decisions taken regarding ocean freight transport are taken while the ship is in port.

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